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A brief history

How to cope with Oliver Pope 4.png

How to cope with Oliver Pope

Short film

Spouses Hannah and Jessica kidnap and torture their local MP in the hopes of changing his ways after he opposed an up-skirting bill that would have protected them from assault.

13 official selections and 7 awards to date, including The Raindance Film Festival, Worcester Film Festival, Northampton Film Festival, Swindon International Film Festival.

Awards include, best writing, best film, best trailer, best hair and make up. 


Proof of concept short film

Erol must protect the princess Aila from headhunters Titana and Ox at all costs to save the kingdom.

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Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 12.52.01.png

The Revengers

Short film

After being dumped via text 3 years into a relationship Samantha's best friend Amy hatches a plan of Revenge to get back at Samantha's ex by taking what is most precious to him.


Short film

After living a life hidden from the truth, Priya takes a leap of faith to free herself from the shackles of her sexuality.

7 official selections including, Cardiff International Film Festival, San Antonio QFest, GLITTER! Oklahoma LGBT Film Festival, Pride Film Fest and Sky's The Short Film Show!

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Short Films: Awards
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